Home Away From Home

Home Away From Home - 3 episodes


Home Away From Home is a three-part podcast series about students and staff at First Nations University of Canada during the pandemic. It was produced by students in the Indigenous Communication Arts certificate program in Fall 2021.

Theme Song: Intertribal by the Red Dog Singers

Episode 1 – Leaders and helpers (21:44)
Interviews with FNUniv president Jacqueline Ottman, Librarian Paula Daigle, Wellness Councillor Robyn Morin and INCA coordinator Shannon Avison.

Episode 2 – Students (17:27)
Roundtable discussion about learning from a long distance, with INCA students Ashley Warren Wedzin (Yellowknife), Racine Jeff (Williams Lake, BC) and Crystal Greene (Halifax). Interviews with FNU Regina Campus student association president Amanda Leader and Student Retention Specialist Sheena McCallum.

Episode 3 – Alumni (15:49)
Interviews with new student Amina Wahweaye, and alumni Thomas Benjoe and Creeson Agecoutay.

Hosts: Ashley Warren-Wedzin and Bee Bird
Journalists: Cole Cappo, Darla Ponace, Lucy Musqua, Crystal Greene, Christina Gervais, Lori Deets
Producer: Amber Bear
Editor: Kaitlyn Howie
Creative Director: Amber Desnomie
Writers: Hunter McDonald and Mitchell Alexson



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