The First Nations University of Canada’s Department of Indigenous Communication Arts is responsible for the University’s Indigenous Communication Arts (INCA) certificate program, which prepares students to work as journalists and public relations professionals. We recommend it as a solid stepping stone toward entrance in the School of Journalism degree program.

The INCA Summer Institute is a 7-week course that gives students an introduction to the practices, protocols, technical requirements, writing styles and formats of journalism reporting, and the opportunity to train with professional journalists. Students will complete training in print journalism, graphic design, and news reporting for radio and television. Students will also have the opportunity to explore long form radio and television, and will participate in the production of a one-hour, live-to-tape radio show and a half-hour television show.

The program runs from May 4th, 2020 – June 19, 2020!

Want to join the INCA Summer Institute 2020?

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“It’s such an amazing Institute.” – Megan Currie

It’s such a wide range of skills, whatever area you are interested in, you’ll definitely benefit.

Megan Currie, INCA Summer Institute class of 2018